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Photos: Alive’s Bands to Watch 2013 @ Skullys

Columbus Alive’s Bands To Watch 2013 w/ Forest and the Evergreens, Saturday Giant & The Girls!
January 26, 2013
Skullys Music Diner

(Apologies for not catching all the bands but I am old and it was cold)

Forest and the Evergreens

Saturday Giant

The Girls!


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Photos: Saturday Giant Philip Cogley Homecoming show! W/ The Receiver @ Kobo

Philip Cogley was on tour. Now he’s home!

Saturday Giant Philip Cogley Homecoming Show
The Receiver
November 3, 2012
Kobo Live

Saturday Giant



The Receiver

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Photos: Independents’ Day 2012!

Independent’s Day 2012
September 15, 2012
Corner of Gay and Pearl

Forest and the Evergreens

R. Ring (Kelley Deal)

Flotation Walls

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Friday in Columbus: Local bands

MP3: Deadwood Floats – The Colours I Earned
MP3: Sovroncourt – Butch Cassidy

Forget the Foster the People show at the LC on Friday. (And while you’re at it, forget Empire of the Sun and all the myriad knock-offs that MGMT and Passion Pit have spawned. BLAH.) If you’re dead set on catching a touring act, take a risk and check out Thrill Jockey’s Man Forever (feat. Kid Millions of Oneida) at Double Happiness.

I was going to pick a local show to preview, but they all seem worth at least a mention: Rumba has a solid triple bill with the Receiver, Way Yes and Saturday Giant; At Carabar, Nick Tolford, the Weight of Whales and Dayton’s Shut Up share a bill with Chicago’s Al Scorch; and the Tree Bar booked a folk-rock night with two relative newbies — Deadwood Floats (cover art for their “The Colours I Earned” single above) and Sovroncourt — and anchored by local chill-folk stalwarts Moon High and melodious Kafe Kerouac scenesters Audrey & Orwell. Check out the mp3s above for a taste of what the newbs have to offer. (Deadwood Floats RIYL Blind Pilot, and Sovroncourt accurately describes himself as “croak folk.”)

Use your Google and MyFace for more details on the shows. Oh, and the Columbus Arts Festival starts Friday, which also happens to be the day with the best music lineup of the fest, including Tim Easton and the Randys.

Other Friday shows you’re looking forward to? (Not sure what’s happening at Summit or Bourbon St.) Post in the comments or in the Hype section of the Friendship Farm.

Sunday in Columbus: Spanish Prisoners, Time & Temperature, Saturday Giant

MP3: Spanish Prisoners – Rich Blood

Spanish Prisoners return to Columbus for the first time in many years Sunday night at Kafe Kerouac:

Spanish Prisoners at Kafe Kerouac
with Time & Temperature, Saturday Giant
2250 N. HIGH COLS., OH
DOORS at 9, $5
Fbook RSVP

Video: Dolfish – “Grownups” (Live studio session)

YouTube Preview Image

Max Sollisch’s post-Our Cat Philip, post-Arlo & the Otter project Dolfish has been getting some well-deserved love recently, so it seemed like a good time to a.) Post this video of the unreleased track “Grownups,” which was filmed at a basement studio called The Cottage in Atlanta, and b.) Let you know Dolfish will be wrapping up a winter tour at the Rumba Cafe on Saturday with Dane Terry and the Saturday Giant.

Dolfish’s Your Love is Bummin’ Me Out EP is available as a free download and/or 7-inch from Afternoon Records.

Photos: Music Week Columbus day 2

The second day of Music Week Columbus I mainly stuck around Kobo to check out The Saturday Giant, Way Yes, Sewing Machine War (Pittsburgh) and Karate Coyote.

Saturday Giant


Way Yes

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Monolithic Cloud Parade’s final show Friday

MP3: Monolithic Cloud Parade – A New Ice Age

I’ve always liked Corey Fry’s Monolithic Cloud Parade project, so I’m sad to see the band go. But, as he sings in this mp3 from The Sea and Setting Sun, “Die die die, it’s all gonna die.”

From the Facebook event page:
This is the final show you will see Monolithic Cloud Parade play. Then we die. We will be playing all of the hits that you’ll vaguely recognize unless you’re the Moms or Girlfriends, at which point you will probably know lots of the words better than Corey does.

It all dies at Rumba tomorrow (8/19) with the Saturday Giant and Domes.

Alix Reese Compilation Album

It’s been three weeks since our friend Alix Reese was tragically shot in the neck while driving on the east side. Multiple fundraisers have taken place and the support for them has been and continues to be incredible. In yet another selfless effort to raise money for medical expenses, Jacob Wooten has gathered the help of 20 local businesses and musicians to release a special limited-edition record for Alix.

The album features 15 different singles, including unreleased tracks by Phantods, Winter Makes Sailors and Wing and Tusk. Only 500 copies will be made, and 100% of the sales will be contributed to the Reese family to help pay for medical bills. The album will be released July 2nd at KOBO. Bands on the album will be performing all night. Albums will also be sold Saturday July 3rd at Skully’s Music Dinner, with Mr. Fahrenheit and The Loverboys with special guest Phantods.

Other contributors to this album include The Compressions, Karate Coyote, Saturday Giant, Sleepers Awake, Way Yes, New City Gypsy, Maza Blaska, Stretch Lefty, LES Crew, Ghost Shirt, Old Worlds and Two Cow Garage.