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Happy 25th Birthday, Def Leppard’s ‘Hysteria’

25 years ago today, I went to Great Northern Mall to buy Def Leppard’s brand-new cassette, Hysteria. There was no such thing as a “leaked” album back then, the only song I had heard was the first single, “Women”, as the video had been given to MTV in July to help hype the upcoming release.

I remember throwing this in the Sony Sports Walkman and being amazed by the expensive-sounding production and the glossy hooks and choruses. This was not Pyromania and it was definitely not the NWOBM-sound of On Through the Night and High N’ Dry. This was a HUGE sounding record that was designed to sell millions of copies to people who would, without a doubt, pay big money to see Def Leppard in an arena. And you know what? I absolutely loved it at the time and I love to this day. Yeah, I skip over “Pour Some Sugar on Me” because MTV ruined that song for me but the rest of the songs (“Rocket”, “Gods of War”, “Hysteria”, etc.) I still listen to on a pretty regular basis. Happy Birthday, Hysteria!

Bunbury Music Festival announces 2013 dates (July 12-14)

Well, that didn’t take too long. About two weeks after Death Cab for Cutie closed out the inaugural Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, festival organizers have announced that the festival will return next year. The dates for the festival are July 12 – 14. Because it’s still a year away, there, of course, is not much additional information as to who might be performing but per the festival’s Facebook page: Tickets will go on sale after Labor Day and will be the same price as Bunbury 2012. Prices will increase when we announce the headliners in February.

Having attended the 3-day festival, I strongly recommend that you pencil this in for next year and take advantage of the early low ticket prices ($93 for a 3-day pass).

Frank Ocean To Appear on Jimmy Fallon Tonight

photographed by Nabil Elderkin

I love TV Music Moments. If Tyler & Hodgy Beats on Jimmy Fallon were Odd Future’s Fear on SNL moment. Then tonight’s Frank Ocean LNWJF appearance after publicly admitting to having been in love with a man is kinda like Elton John and Eminem at the Grammys.

Yessir, All eyes on Frank Ocean tonight as he will be backed by the legendary Roots Crew on National TV. His anticipated album Channel Orange drops July 17th.

Check your local listenings.

Tyler, The Creator is Supportive of Frank Ocean Coming Out

Frank Ocean of Odd Future posted the following letter on his tumblr that spoke openly about homosexual feelings he has. This makes him the second openly gay member of Odd Future.

Tyler, the Creator who has been banned from playing festivals in the past for allegedly being a homophobe tweeted in support of Frank taking this step:

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Kathy Griffin And Anderson Cooper Discuss A$ap Rocky & Danny Brown

YouTube Preview Image

Posting this one late because the power was out all day in Central Ohio because monsoon.

Last week we posted a video of A$ap Rocky & Danny Brown discussing older women that they would do it with for Noisey.  One of those women was Kathy Griffin. Well, Kathy Greffin saw the discussion and brought it up on her Bravo TV  Show.  Watch her and Anderson Cooper(!) talk about how they are feeling Danny Brown & A$ap Rocky and rap in general.

Waka Flocka Flame Interview In GQ Magazine’s June Issue

Photo Credit- Taghi Naderzad / GQ

Waka Flocka Flame is showing an unprecedented accessibility for someone who makes such aggie music. Waka’s current campaign leading up to his new album the Triple F Life which drops June 12th  has included talking to everyone from us, Spin, XXL and now GQ Magazine.  FLEXXX!

Read about Waka in GQ here.

Jay Electronica Breaks Up A Rothchild’s (Illuminati) Marriage?!

(photo by Envelope)

MP3: Jay Electronica Ft Mobb Deep-Call Of Duty

When Jay Electronica rapped “Brunch With the Rothchilds” on Call of Duty last year, I thought it was a fresh lyric that was a continuation of Hip Hop’s love of conspiracy theories that present powerful British banking family the Rothchilds as key play players in the illumanati. Welp. turns out Electronica wasn’t just breaking bread with the Rothchilds. He was breaking up  their marriages.

The Daily Mail Reports:

It seemed like the perfect union –  a marriage that brought together two of the country’s wealthiest families.

He was the multi-millionaire son of the late financier and tycoon Jimmy Goldsmith, she a scion of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

But now Ben Goldsmith and his music producer wife Kate, who have three children, are to divorce after she embarked on a passionate love affair with an American rap singer named Jay Electronica.

Last night Mr Goldsmith confirmed the split, saying: ‘I’m pretty shell-shocked by everything. All I am thinking about now is my children.’

The marriage ended with a dramatic showdown at the family home in  Notting Hill, West London, on Wednesday morning.

Mr Goldsmith, 31, confronted his  30-year-old wife over explicit text messages and emails he found on her smartphone that she had received from and sent to the New Orleans-born hip-hop artist, who now lives in London and is one of her clients.

Read more:–falls-rapper-called-Jay-Electronica.html#ixzz1wkjuOKwf

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Philip Glass, Joanna Newsom, Woodsist & More Raise Money for the Henry Miller Library

Philip Glass will be performing with Joanna Newsom at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco on  Monday, June 25th as part of a series of fundraising events for the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur

 The Henry Miller Library is a non-for-profit organization that operates strictly on donations and they need to raise $140,000 to build new bathrooms that meet regulation. The Henry Miller Library itself acts as central gathering point for all local artists, writers, musicians and poets.

If you like sex and also think America is an Air-Conditioned Nightmare than you probably mess with Henry Miller. And if you read the Air-Conditioned Nightmare than you know Miller pretty much was disgusted with America.   Henry Miller himself attributes Big Sur to being  “the first place (he) felt like home in America”. So perserving his Library is obviously important.

Other events include performances by Jenny Lewis, Lucinda Williams as well as the Woodsist Festival. A full list of Fundraising events after the jump

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Things getting interesting in the Queensryche camp

The second artist I ever interviewed was Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton back when the band was touring in support of Empire (which featured the huge hit “Silent Lucidity”). If nothing else, Queensryche has been pretty consistent with releasing new material, 2011’s Dedicated to Chaos was the band’s 12th full-length album since 1984’s The Warning. But even the most dedicated Queensryche fans will admit that the band’s material has been inconsistent since guitarist Chris DeGarmo left the band in ’97.

In mid-May, singer Geoff Tate reportedly threatened his bandmates with a knife before a show in Brazil. And now, following the band’s performance at Rocklahoma last week where Tate told the audience they sucked (“I’m serious”), it sounds like Queensryche is ready to move on with a new singer and using a different name since Tate probably owns the rights.

On June 8 and June 9, Rising West – featuring Queensryche members Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield, and Parker Lundgren – will performing Queensryche classics from the first five albums with singer Todd La Torre (Crimson Glory) at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. Based on his YouTube demo reel, sounds like La Torre will do just find handling Tate’s vocals.

Supposedly Rising West will hit the studio later this year to record an album’s worth of material. Stay tuned to the drama, it should get interesting once Tate has something to say about the whole thing.

MP3: Fat Tony “Bad Habits” ft. Bun B & Nick Diamonds


Young One Records is a new Brooklyn Hip Hop label whose goal is to highlight the new new.  It’s started by the same people that brought you Main Attractionz and Fat Tony. Above is a song off Fat Tony’s upcoming Double Dragon album out June 1st.

To celebrate it’s label launch, Young One is offering up a limited edition  cassette of a mixtape with new songs by Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Cities Aviv, Main Attrakionz, and Fat Tony . The tapes were hand-dubbed by NNA. For more info and to download this tape please head over to Complex.