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Ticket Info for the Obama/Jay-Z/Springsteen Rally in Columbus Monday

President Obama will be holding a rally in Columbus, Ohio with Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen @ Nationwide Arena  on Monday, November 5th.

YouTube Preview Image

If you want to obtain tickets to this historic event please click here.

Also, please vote early. Here is info on early voting.

Vice President Joe Biden and his  wife Jill will be in Lancaster, Ohio  this Sunday. More info on that after the jump.

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The National to play free show in Columbus on Wednesday

Ohio natives The National are partnering with Obama for America’s Ohio field offices “for a series of events to remind everyone how important it is to vote in the November 6th election.” The band will play a free show at the Newport in Columbus on Wednesday, then another freebie at the Emery Theater in Cincinnati on Thursday. Details on how to acquire tickets below:

“Securing tickets for the Ohio shows is a two step process. First, sign up online by following the link for the show you’d like to attend:

Newport Music Hall, Columbus, October 3rd:

Emery Theater, Cincinnati, October 4th:

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive ticket pick up information as follows:

10/3, Newport Music Hall Ticket Pickup:
Tuesday, October 2nd
10:00am until 7:30 pm or when tickets run out (first come, first served)
Ohio State University OFA-Campus Field Office
1570 N High Street
Columbus, OH 43201

10/4, Emery Theater Ticket Pickup:
Wednesday, October 3rd
10:00am until 7:30 pm or when tickets run out (first come, first served)
Over the Rhine OFA-Field Office
1130 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

We’ll do our best to let you know via twitter (@The_National) when all tickets have been handed out. Hope to see some of you this week & please remember to vote!”

Obama & Nicki MInaj Address Minaj’s Alleged Mitt Romney Endorsement

YouTube Preview Image

Nicki Minaj has a line saying she is voting for Mitt Romney on a song,

Obama spoke to  Power 95.3 in Orlando about it. He doesn’t think Minaj endorsed Romney anyway.  Barack reads it as  role playing for shock Daymon Dodson style humor. I paraphrased everything so listen to audio on the you-tube above.

UPDATED: Minaj Responded on twitter with support & gratitude towards the president:

Video: Lupe Fiasco vs. Bill O’Reilly. U-mad

YouTube Preview Image

Lupe Fiasco’s song “Word’s I Never Said” spoke critically on school funding cuts, the War on Terror, Israel, Muslims that commit violence, and rappers that solely looking to Tupac for rebellion.

Bill O’reilly didn’t like Lupe’s statements about the War on Terror. So Bill brought in Fiasco on his program for a debate.

So there has been two discussions going:
1.How did Lupe do?

2.Did he do better than Cam’ron and Dame Dash’s infamous “U-MAD” segment vs. O’Reilly?
Obviously, Lupe was speaking more seriously.
But did he own O’Reilly like Cam did?
Cam’ron’s U-mad segment after the jump
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MP3:Sole-My President is Black(And that Don’t Mean Jack)

the gore vidal of rap or still a cornball in fact?

Don’t ask me why. But every now and again, I look around the internet to see what Anticon is up to. Well, Sole from Anticon has recorded perhaps the worst rap song in history, or the ballsiest song since ahem, “Makeshift Patriot” by Sage Francis.

“My President is Black, and that don’t mean jack” . Sole says on the hook of the first anti-Obama Hip Hop song, that sends up Young Jeezy’s Black Nationalist anthem. He makes a good point every now and again. Then fucks it up by either making fun of how black people talk or saying some shit about how spicy the food he found in the trash prolly is.

MP3:Sole (feat Jared Paul)-My President Is Black

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Bob Dylan, Barack Obama

via Strummy

DJ Z-Trip: Victory Lap: The Obama Mix Pt. 2

Download here for all your celebrations.

Last week I was contacted by MoveOn.org to put something together for an email blast they are doing for the lead up to the inauguration. This one is called “Victory Lap: The Obama Mix Pt. 2”. It’s my way of congratulating all of us for electing what I think is the right person for the job. We made history and I’m proud to be a part of that. Yes, my friends, it is time to celebrate, but please don’t lose sight of the mess we are still in, there is plenty of work that lies ahead.

Young Jeezy ft. Jay-z: “My President is Black” in DC Last Night

YouTube Preview Image

Salute. Black Nationalism is the new Patriot Act.

 Today marks the official beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency.  The above video is of Young Jeezy’s “My President is Black”  being performed live in  Washington, DC on the eve of this historic day. The album verison of “My President” has Nas. But once again Nas lost; Nasir  didn’t make it DC, I guess. Jay-z raps instead,  jokingly saying “My president is black but he is infact  half-white. So even in a racist’s mind he is alright.” I still love Jeezy’s verse though for the line, “Be all that you can be. Don’t that sound like some dumb shit.”

 Congrats America. You can look at yourself in the mirror for the first time in awhile.

Hugs N Kisses Write Both Mkkkain and Obama’s Theme Songs

I just spent twenty minutes looking for an online flyer for Hugs N Kisses “Black Tuesday” Show. Eventually I gave up looking for something that is used for a promotional tool and set the flyer on the floor and took a picture of it on my cellphone. Anyway Hugs N Kisses are throwing an pro-government party at Carabar. Here are two songs they just dropped off to celebrate our countries’ political system. Should be funny. Last time I saw Hugs N Kisses, Donnie Monaco shit in a fishtank and yelled shitgaze.

MP3:Hugs N Kisses-Jawn Mkkkain’s Theme Musick

MP3:Hugs N Kisses-Barack Obama’s Theme Music

Barack Obama Rally On the Ohio State House Lawn

Barack Obama spoke on the Statehouse Lawn yesterday.Downtown was completely swarmed by Obama’s movement. According to The Toledo Blade 60,000 people showed up. John Glenn, Mayor Coleman, and Governor Strickland were all in the building, er I mean on the lawn. It was actually pretty amazing to see that many people actually caring about something.
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