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Video: Valley High-“Rollin’ on the Road”

YouTube Preview Image

My Cincy homie Moxy Monster sent me this video of his group Valley High’s song Rollin’ on the Road.  

You like this nice, mellow jam? You can cop Valley High’s album the Cool Cat Experience on i-tunes here.


MP3: Jerreau of Fly Union “Dreams BankReau Can Buy” + Jake Troth ft. Jerreau “Headlines” Remix

Above is a screen shot from today’s (11/5/11) itinerary at the Apple Store’s Polaris Location in Columbus Ohio. The listing shows that Fly Union are performing songs off their TGTC album today at the Polaris Apple Store Today..

Below are a couple new verses by Jerreau of Fly Union to hold people over until TGTC 2 drops.

MP3: Jerreau of Fly Union “Dreams BankReau Can Buy”

MP3: Jake Troth ft Jerreau of Fly Union “Headlines Remix”

Video for “Dreams Bankreau Can Buy” after the jump.

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Video: P.Blackk “November 25th”

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Columbus rapper P.Blackk drops a trailer explaining his ambitions for his upcoming Blackk Friday release.
shot by Luke Sirimongkhon.
Erykah Badu sent P.Blackk an encouraging tweet:

MP3: LxE For the The Uncool ” The Monsters Are On Maple Street” + Video: “OG Champion Hoodie (Raekwon Tribute)” Ft. Nemo

MP3: LxE For the Uncool- The Monsters Are On Maple Street(Re-release)

Lxe For the Uncool has re-released his The Monster’s Are On Maple Street ep with a new song Dragon Sea.
The Ohio emcee drew upon an episode from Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone for the EP’s title.
Above is a video for OG Champion Hoodie off The Monsters Are On Maple Street that pays homage to Raekwon the Chef.
Lxe says on Rae’s influence, “Growing up, The Chef has always inspired me to think outside of the box when it came to rhyme schemes”.
The video is directed by Walter Nini,

LxE is currently finishing up a project & documentary entitled The Sun Sets Tomorrow…Regardless. This is believed to be released sometime this winter.

THe Monsters Are On Maple Street re-releaase Cover Art after the jump

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MP3: Kratedigga ft. CoCity “Champion”

(Photo by Joe Charlton)

MP3: Krate Digga-Champion feat CoCity of The 3RD

DJ Kratedigga is one of the coolest and most cerebral deejays in Columbus. He has immaculate taste and an excellent sense of composition.

Whether he is spinning out or backing J.Osceola, Krate is a great live deejay..

I didn’t know Krate produced. But here is a song that Mr. Digga made with CoCity of the 3rd. Looks like it’s off an album called Snap, Taps, and Boom-Baps. Wonder if that title is a reference to Snaps & Taps?

After the jump find-out where Kratedigga will deejay at in the near future.
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Video: Freaky Franz “Heatin’ Up”

YouTube Preview Image

SWISH SWISH SWISH…..Freaky Franz is Heatin’ Up.
Fresh off playing CMJ with Japanther, Cazwell and Ninjasonik
the TGTC shit-maniac drops a new video.
Download Freaky Franz’s the Freaky Tales here if you want to bump “Heatin Up” in your ’99 Volvo.

Video: J. Osceola “You Can’t Stop Me”

YouTube Preview Image

Columbus rapper J. Osceola‘s song You Can’t Stop Me is featured in Vietnamese Hip Hop movie Saigon Electric which hit select theatres in the U.S. this month.

“You Can’t Stop Me” is off J. Osceola’s 2010 The BrainFood Project.

MP3: Envelope “I Wanna New Satan”

MP3: Envelope “I Wanna New Satan”

On Envelope’s,  “I Wanna New Satan” one of Columbus’s most beloved rappers proclaims:

“I don’t mean symbolism 666 pentagram.
Most of your evil men aren’t even into that.
They are psychic vampires. They take without giving back.
I want to be the most symbiotic man in rap.”

I think that sums it up.
I could sit here and type out the whole song.  Or you could just listen to it.
If you want to read my review of the Envelope record scroll down to the bottom of the Other Paper’ s Local Round-Up Section.

Envelope will release his new EP, that features “I Wanna New Satan”,  This Could Go Either Way by playing at 8 Record Stores this Saturday, October 15th.

Tonight(Thursday) Envelope will be on CD 102.5’s Independent Playground here in Columbus which airs 11pm to 1 Am.
I will be lurking in the background.

Daymon Day 2011 Memorial Wall

At this year’s Daymon Day people painted a mural that honored deceased local icons and members of the community Daymon Dodson,  DJ Przm, “E”Camu Tao, Todd Minton and Andyman on the back of a handball court at Tuttle Park in Columbus, Ohio.

Check the mural out after the jump.

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MP3: Rashad “Out Of This World”

MP3: Rashad-Out Of This World(prod. by Rashad)

Multi-talented Columbus producer/rapper/singer Rashad drops Out of this World from his upcoming album Museum.