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MP3:Copywrite-Three Story Building (Ft. Dilated Peoples and MF Grimm)

MP3:MP3:Copywrite: fDilated Peoples and MF Grimm- Three Story Building

Columbus rapper Copywrite teams up with Dilated Peoples and MF Grimm.
You have to give to Pete here. He is getting all these respected rappers on his project on the strength that he can rap.
The song is basically each rappers coming age story.
Copywrite’s album The Life and TImes of Peter Nelson in stores November 16th.

MP3:Fabrashay A feat Zerostar and Le For The Uncool-My City(Produced By Path)

MP3:Fabrashay A Ft Zerostar and Le For the Uncool-My City (produced by Path)

In the greatest team-up since KMD’s and Brand Nubian’s “Nitty Gritty” Milk N Syrup, and Weightless are on the same track. Okay is nothing like that song but it is still nice to think about.
The song is produced by Path from All Eyes Path. It starts off unassuming and sparse and develops into something special. The email I got for this song said it was “untitled” so it may not be called “My City”.
Regardless, the song is off of “the Art Show” Fabrashay’s upcoming album. It’s dope and if you don’t download then hopefully you don’t listen to rap and are just waiting for more pictures of bearded men playing ukelalees.

Sidenote:Besides catching Zerostar at “get right, getting right” you can also catch him hosting “Grindtime 2 I Still Get it in Ohio” it is an emcee battle October 16th at Skullys.
More on that later this week.

The Delusion Of Eating Art Show Opens October 7th

Here is some info for a pretty interesting exhibit I am involved with over at the Shelf. If you remember Joy Divisions, its like that but different:

The Delusion of Eating
Shelf Gallery | 57 E. Gay Street, Columbus Ohio
October 7 through November 27, 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 7 | 6 to 9pm
Lecture with the Curators: Thursday November 11 | 7 to 8pm
Delusion of Eating Performances: Friday, November 26 | 9 to 11pm

The Delusion of Eating exhibit presents a national array of artworks that eloquently use the marketed spectacle of eating as the material to explore how capitalism creates an isolating desire.

Works include video, painting, photography, sculpture, performance, and text; all creating a discourse about our lives in the contemporary situation where ideologies about eating are shifting away from science-lab food products and into marketed desires for ‘natural’ ‘slow’ food stuffs, while for the majority of Americans these ‘local’ foods are out of the question due to geography and class.

The exhibition is organized by Vince Chocolate (Eva Ball and Ian Ruffino) and will be accompanied by a text written by the curators and three Ohio writers: Wes Flexner, Matt Morris, and James Payne. The national and international array of artists, all connected to Columbus, are: Sarah Bernat, Harry Crofton, Grant LaValley, John Malta, Nicolas Murer, Dan Olsen, Luke Powers, Janice Schindeler, and Dina Sherman.

for more info peep the Vince Chocolate website or the Delusion of Eating’s Facebook.

Video:Blueprint-Dream Big

YouTube Preview Image

If y’all remember Greenhouse vs. Radiohead, Blueprint vs. Funkadelic or how Print flipped the Who on Illogic’s “1,000 Whispers then you will be pretty stoked on Blueprint’s first video for his new EP Blueprint Who.
The video had Print and and his dj Rare Groove playing the role of rivals that keep bumping into each other at the local record stores, Used Kids, Magnolia and Lost Weekend.
It’s funny and silly.
(I make a brief cameo in a shot)
For more info on Blueprint who, please visit the Weightless website
Video is directed by Dan Gillespie for Purple Films.

Donewaiting.com presents Live at Electraplay: Ezra Furman & the Harpoons (+ mp3)

YouTube Preview Image
MP3: Ezra Furman – We Should Fight (Donewaiting.com presents Live at Electraplay)

As you’ll see in these videos, Ezra Furman is the walking definition of idiosyncratic. He yelps. He gestures oddly. He’s simultaneously cocksure and sheepish about his songs. Most importantly, though, he’s a fine songwriter, taking electric-Dylan tropes and slathering them with frantic confessionalism and a little bit of awkwardness just to keep things real.

Furman asks us to fall in love with his world. It’s not a hard thing to do. Keep reading for more videos. Continue reading

Donewaiting x BET’s “The Deal” aka Wes Flexner on Black Entertainment Television

While the buzz is still in the air from last night’s BET Awards, I figure now is the perfect time to announce this:

I’m gonna be on BET’s the Deal in Mid-July. This is the start of Donewaiting and the Deal working together.

The Deal has a segment called “Blog About it. Be About it” which I’ll be on. If you aren’t familiar with the Deal, well, it airs every weeknight 3am on Black Entertainment Television. The Deal basically covers superstars like Snoop Dog, up and comers like Curren$y, as well dabbles in grafftiti like Dez, and anything here or there involving Hip Hop culture.

It’s like if Rap Cityor Yo!MTV Raps had worked out how wacky Hip Hop is these day instead of just having to make sense of Def Jam and Ruthless Records.

My first on air appearance will be in Mid July. I’ll post the exact date when they give me it. It that segment I discuss Columbus Hip Hop and graffiti, past, present and future. I recorded the segment with James from Electraplay.

From there, I’m going to profile Ohio and Midwest rappers from time to time on the program. So, if things work out, we are sitting in a position to put our city on a larger stage. The segments will be like Big Tigger meets Wayne’s World with hopefully a little Charlie Rose/Tavis Smiley on top.

So expect some cross-over between BET’s “The Deal” and Donewaiting. Don’t worry we will still cover Rock musicks and other things of the nature. This is a perfect fit with the amount of love Hip Hop and Indie Rock have for each other right now: Blakroc, B.O.B. sampling Vampire Weekend, Jay-z/Grizzly Bear, everyone loves Radiohead etc

To get familiar with the show, please tune-in this week. Here are some highlights:

Wednesday, June 30th

DJ Diamond Kuts takes The Deal to Orlando , Florida . We’re catching up with Trae the Truth and ‘Ridin Underground’ with Homeboy Sandman.

Thursday, July 1st

Roscoe Dash takes over The Deal, Crazy Al Cayne’s ‘Spittin in Da Wip’ with Mic Geronino, and NYC lyricists talk that real hip-hop ‘On the Corner.’