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Video: J. Osceola “You Can’t Stop Me”

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Columbus rapper J. Osceola‘s song You Can’t Stop Me is featured in Vietnamese Hip Hop movie Saigon Electric which hit select theatres in the U.S. this month.

“You Can’t Stop Me” is off J. Osceola’s 2010 The BrainFood Project.

MP3: Envelope “I Wanna New Satan”

MP3: Envelope “I Wanna New Satan”

On Envelope’s,  “I Wanna New Satan” one of Columbus’s most beloved rappers proclaims:

“I don’t mean symbolism 666 pentagram.
Most of your evil men aren’t even into that.
They are psychic vampires. They take without giving back.
I want to be the most symbiotic man in rap.”

I think that sums it up.
I could sit here and type out the whole song.  Or you could just listen to it.
If you want to read my review of the Envelope record scroll down to the bottom of the Other Paper’ s Local Round-Up Section.

Envelope will release his new EP, that features “I Wanna New Satan”,  This Could Go Either Way by playing at 8 Record Stores this Saturday, October 15th.

Tonight(Thursday) Envelope will be on CD 102.5’s Independent Playground here in Columbus which airs 11pm to 1 Am.
I will be lurking in the background.

Download Freaky Franz “The Freaky Tales”

MP3: Freaky Franz "The Freaky Tales"
(sources Freaky Franz.com & Fool’s Gold Records.)

The long-awaited mixtape by Freaky Franz, The Freaky Tales is finally here.
Mixed by Fools Gold Records’ Sammy Bananas, the Freaky Tales features Hollywood Holt, Nick Go Die of Terror, Maggie Horne + Telephoned, P.Blackk and more.
Tracklist and back cover after the jump

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MP3: Racist Joe aka Daymon Dodson “B*tch, You Don’t Know Sh*t!”

MP3: Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit!

At the 6th Annual Daymon Day Parade on September 17th, we will be handing out 7 inches of Racist Joe’s cult hit song Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit produced by DJ Bombay.

Song is hilarious as Daymon raps about mythical sexual exploits that resonate all the way out to Polaris over the theme music to Soap.

And during times like these, who can’t relate to the phrase, “Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit!”?

Thanks to Michael Carney for designing the label and cover. Also special thanks to Mus-i-col for the quick turn-around on pressing, and Carabar for being supportive of this record from day 1.

After the jump watch people sing “Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit” on the corner of 5th and High at the end of the 2009 Daymon Day Parade. Continue reading

Video: Mnkey Wrench (Iyeball & Jay Swif of Fly Union) “Man Down”

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Trippy Visual for Man Down from Fly Union’s Iyeball & Jay Swif project Mkney Wrench.

Download Mnkey Wrench’s Until Forever

MP3: Bow Wow- “Trouble on My Mind Freestyle”

MP3: Bow Wow ‘Trouble On My Mind’

COLUMBUS, OHIO and Cash Money Record’s own LIL BOW WOW… The Prince of O-town rapping over Tyler, the Creator & Pusta T’s Trouble on My Mind.

Bow Wow raps about dressing like a skater but not skating, having sex with girls from Ohio and how he is the next YMCMB artist to drop after Drake…

Bow Wow’s new album, Underated drops on YMCMB November 1st,

Illogic & Walter Rocktight “Year 8076”

In this weeks The Other Paper there is an article on Walter Rocktight about Year 8076, an album he did with Illogic about 9 years ago but that never saw the light of day until this Tuesday.
Please do not sleep on this one. Year 8076 is a lost Columbus classic.
Makes you wonder how Columbus Hip Hop would be different if this would’ve come out on Rhymesayers Entertainment.
It didn’t and Walter Rockight is still one most slept on producers in Ohio.
Read the story behind the Year 8076 here.
Acquire Year 8076 free on Illogic’s Bandcamp here.

Video: P.Blackk “Anim Blakyaw”

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with a video for Anim Blakyaw. Shot by Luke Sirimongkhon.

Song is produced by Iyeball of Fly Union and is off “Blackk Friday ” which drops on Black Friday(November 25th).

Video: Fly Union “Don’t Call”

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Columbus’ Fly Union return with a miminalist video for “Don’t Call” off their album TGTC.

MP3: P. Blackk “Anim Blakyaw” (Produced by Iyeball of Fly Union)

MP3:Anim Blakyaw I Prod. By Iyeball (of Fly.Union)

I don’t know if this is a violation, but I am gonna just quote the email P.Blackk sent to everyone with his lead single “Anim Blakyaw” from his upcoming album “Blackk Friday” cause it lets you know who is P. B.

What’s goin on? For those that aren’t familiar with who I am my name is P. Blackk. I’m 20 years old & from Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been working on this project called “Blackk Friday” for quite some time now with my big homie Iyeball (of Fly.Union). I plan on dropping this project on November 25th. Ironically on Black Friday. You might’ve heard me on the J. Rawls “Ohio Takeover Mixtape”, on L.e For The Uncool’s “The Measure” (George Washington) on Fly.Union’s “Look Up To The Sky”,on their TGTC album, & more recently Raz Fresco’s “MCMXCV” mixtape hosted by Don Cannon “Ants & Grasshoppers” which I had the pleasure of doing the artwork for. But in this email I’ve attached my first single off of the project Blackk Friday. Which is called “Anim Blakyaw” something like my “theme song”. Which I feel is a great introduction for those who are unfamiliar with my music. I got some visuals & more songs on the way off this project. Get back to me as soon as possible & thank you for your time.