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Camu Tao-King of Hearts has a label and release date.

MP3:Camu Tao-Perfect Plan
Today marks the 2-year anniversary of Camu Tao’s death.  As I sat hear reflecting on the Columbus rapper/producer this press release arrived. I am just cuttin and pasting it because it has a letter from EL-P. as well as a description of Camu’s upcoming album and quotes from Kid Cudi, Mathew Johnson(owner of Fat Possum) among others about Camu.


PLUS Personal letter from Jaime “EL-P” Meline

camu tao_artwork

(Definitive Jux/Fat Possum; August 17, 2010)

Two years ago today  Tero “Camu Tao” Smith died after a grueling battle with cancer.  He was a friend, a son, a brother, a groom to be and last but not least a brilliant producer, singer, rapper and entertainer.  Words can not express the heartache that has been felt in the wake of his passing by those who loved and respected him.

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Mhz 1st Freestyle on Stretch & Bobbie

MP3:Mhz freestyle 98 on the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show 89.9

(Via The Bustown Stomp)

Writing about the MHZ is weird for Donewaiting.com cause, do I say…RJD2’s rap group. Do I say the late Camu Tao’s rap group? Copywrite’s?

Regardless, on what would be the rock fan’s reference point, the Mhz spawned a good chunk of what Columbus Hip Hop became nationally recognized for.

The above freestyle was from when Tage, Camu and Copy apprearred on Stretch & Bobbito. We had been for years savoring bootlegs of the infuential NYC radio show.

I mean Columbus rappers were on the same show that had become infamous because of Big L and Jay-z freestyles? The same show that broke Wu-Tang’s first single?

I just being amazed how many times they said Columbus during this program. Still bugs me out listening to it now.

It was like….”Bobbito knows where Columbus is…no way.”


YouTube Preview Image

Columbus’ Rapper Copywrite back with a video for the song “Stop” off his new Ep Ultrasound.

DJ Detox-Joy Divisions Art Show Is Today Mix


Mp3:DJ Detox-Joy Division Mix

 DJ Detox of Get Right,and Channing/Carley/Raina’s house party fame created a mix of the Manchester Post-Punk group’s music  for today’s Joy Divisions Art Show .

The art show is  in the  front  the Columbus Metropolitian today from 2-7:30 pm. (Downtown)

Joy Divisions curated by Eva Ball is inspired by pretty much any angle you can take on Joy Division. From Nazi sex slave camps to song interptations to abstracted word associations.

(Ask yourself, Whats a Joy Division? The 2010 pick-up line) 

It’s a pretty thought provoking vechile.

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Kitchen-Motel Footage of Camu

YouTube Preview Image

When the MHZ moved to NY to solidify their friendships with Def Jux and EC, they would come home and tell us stories about living in a shitty apartment. Some of these experiences ended up on some of the Bagface 5 songs. I am assuming this video is of the Kitchen-Motel they stayed in.

“The only difference between the Wayans Brothers and the Smothers Brothers is that the Smothers Brothers are actually funny.”

Mavlus Funk+Soul Party at The Cove Tonight

Scotty Cockblock(Sweatin,Invented Columbus Hardcore) and DC Kareem(Get Right/MilkBar) are throwing a new Funk Party tonight with Columbus Hip Hop Pioneer DJ True Skills in the limelight. True Skills(Adrian Willis) has some of most curious, peregrine psychedelic funk records I have heard. Its like a weed brigadeiros for your body’s internal rhythmic response mechanisms.

After the Jump. 1 Important Fact about DJ True Skills.

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Going Away Party For Juan Davis Tonight

Envelope will be performing tonight at Cafe Bourbon Street as part of a going away party for Weightless souljah Juan Davis. Here is a video of Juan doing his thug thizzle at Comfest.

Juan is moving to Cali to enlist in the hyphy movement. The war on Iraq and hyphy movement have very similar failures: popular in small regions but only resonating with white suburbanites nationally. So Juan is going to attempt to remedy that. Joking. Juan is moving to Cali to be warm and live with his girlfriend.

Juan is an intergal part of Hip Hop scene in Columbus. When I first met him, he had just been featured in the Dispatch as a spoken word poet. I think that was like 2000. He had a stint at the Alive. I remember him reviewing the famous Aesoprock/Weightless/MHZ/Atom’s show at DIY venue Thieve’s World. I was just a vandal then, and was stoked that writers got mentioned in the paper for their help in the event. Juan went on to being a crucial behind the scenes person in Bustown Rap, assisting Blueprint, Illogic, and anyone close to Weightless Camp for like 7 years. Hell. I ran into him at Barnes and Noble today, and he gave me a ride home.
He will be missed.

He posted his merch learnings here on Donewaiting.