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This Moment In Black History – “Public Square”

MP3: Panopticon

As mentioned here previously
, Cleveland rock monsters This Moment In Black History recently released a new album entitled Public Square. I vaguely remember previous recordings being decent but lacking a certain something to keep me coming back. On the new album, however, I found more groove and variety than I expected. The frenzied, spastic, punky bursts of energy associated with their live show are still there, and they manage to fight through 13 songs in just over 32 minutes. However, within that time they also play some modern stoner rock, some darker “indie rock” that gives me some El Jesus vibes (see MP3 above), and they even toss in an old-school rap parody. The epic six-minute jam finale summarizes the proceedings quite well with a culmination of the multiple styles present on the record. The quartet fires on all cylinders throughout and lends the entire album an undercurrent of fiery soul. Maybe it’s time to dig out some of those older records.

Smog Veil Records has released Public Square on a pressing of 1000 records on marbled multi-colored wax (with MP3 download coupon), which you can pick up here or perhaps at a live show. Also available wherever fine MP3s are sold.

Speaking of live shows, the band will return to Columbus on Friday night at their current favorite local spot, Carabar. This show is part of another leg of their tour with fellow Clevelanders Sun God, but the show is also the 5th anniversary of the bar itself. So, more bands are surely taking part in the festivities, including a set from Blueprint with DJ support from Carabar Ron. This will be crazy and FREE, so who knows what might happen?

Tonight in Columbus: Martin Bisi at Carabar

YouTube Preview Image

Super uber mega ultra producer dude, performer, world traveler and cultural antagonist Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Herbie Hancock, John Zorn, a bunch of other cool motherfuckers) is coming to town to rock Carabar reppin his newest release “Son of a Gun” and it will be cool as fuck. How can it not be with ex Cop Shoot Cop dude Michael Kaminski playing bass/geetar and Dresden Dolls dawg Brian Viglione poundin skins?!?!

ipps (Mike O!) and Birds of Hair (Marcy Mays!) start it off right.

Things starting early, sources say 9:30.

Do the dang thang mang!

Saturday in Columbus: EYE@Carabar

For after Record Store Day. (Baliey from Teeth of the Hydra‘s new jawn) Ton o shit going on. Tolford and Co. at Monster House, Gil Mantera’s Party Dream at Skully’s. Naam/Radio Moscow/Mt.Caramel at Summit. ALL THE COOL KIDS WILL BE AT CARABAR!!!! DO IT!!! YEAH!!!!

Saturday in Columbus: Brainbow@Carabar

Brainbow Brainbow Brainbow


For after Off the Grid at Wex

Also The Backup is playing.


Meet Behind You With Knives (again?) – Saturday 4/3 Carabar

Behind You With Knives Photo credit to Gretchen King

MP3: Black Forest

If those three purty faces look familiar, it’s likely because you’ve spied ’em as a part of any one of several bands currently making things happen around town. But if the three of them together kind of rattles a particular neuron or two, you were probably spending some quality time in High Street clubs in the early aughts. See, pictured above is ¾ of Frostiva, childhood friends who put together their first band in 2000 and cashed it in 4 years later. God love ’em for leaving the Frostiva website alive, as it’s a nice look back on days passed- full of references to Little Brothers, Diet, Go Evol Shiki… hell even the Angelfire host is some pre-Myspace shit.

Since the demise of Frostiva, the talents of what is now of Behind You With Knives have been plenty in demand (Leslie – Church of the Red Museum, Flotation WallsMoon High, Nick Tolford and Company; Faith – The Hills Have Eyes, Deerhead; Sharon – Teeth on Teeth, Guardylou). The reunion of these three as BYWK, only a few months old now, has them going in a little heavier direction. The project is young enough that when I first contacted them, there wasn’t yet any recorded material for review, so based on some thin rumors about how they are going to sound, I fired off some questions for the band. As it turns out, literally moments before this thing hit the ol’ blog page, MP3s of a promised 4-song demo materialized out the ether. The demo (cover art by Angie Redmond below) will be available at their first show on Saturday. Behind You With Knives will share the Carabar stage with Rosehips and American Jobs. (EDIT: American Jobs is a last-minute scratch. Suitable replacement is still in the works….)

Dumb questions and patient answers after the jump.. Continue reading

Saturday in Columbus: Ipps, Goes Cube, More

Did ipps practice? Will there be two drummers? Will Mike O be those drummers? Will Bo Davis be drunk? Will you be drunk? (I will be.)

Are you going to kick yourself because you didn’t know how awesome Goes Cube is? Is Post-Everything really a genre? Are you going to buy a copy of “Another Has Passed” after you realize how awesome Goes Cube is?

Are The Altered States of the United Snakes really a band?

Exactly how far East of the Wall?

You be the judge! On Saturday! At Carabar!

Proof that Goes Cube is what I said they are after the jump! Continue reading

Friday at Carabar: Smug Brothers (Dayton), Sowashes, Ghost Shirt, Bicentennial Bear

MP3: Smug Brothers – Low Like Nothing
MP3: Smug Brothers – Build Your Collections

All three locals on this bill would be worth venturing out to see separately, so seeing the Kyle Sowashes, Ghost Shirt and Bicentennial Bear play a free show together at Carabar is a no-brainer (esp. if part 1 of Lost Weekend’s two-night anniversary extravaganza isn’t your thing).

Icing on the cake is Dayton’s Smug Brothers, fronted by Kyle Melton and featuring Don Thrasher (Guided By Voices, Swearing at Motorists) on drums. GBV fans will find plenty to like on the band’s new EP, Stock Romeo — 7 songs/15 minutes chock full of home-fi hooks. Sample for yourself above.

MP3-Greenhouse feat The Catalyst-Cold Out Here

MP3: Greenhouse Featuring The Catalyst-Cold Out Here

My favorite two hip hop songs so far this Winter  are Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C”,  and this Greenhouse/Catalyst collab, ” Cold Out Here” from Greenhouse’s EP, Electric Purgatory. On “Cold Out Here” all three emcees bring sobering depictions of how harsh these times can be.
Print raps about how stifling the world is right now, especially with the economy still fucked. Illogic speaks on ignoring detractors. And the Catalyst confesses to being an intoxicated, combustable mixture of talent and self-destructive tendencies in the midst of indifference.
Don’t sleep on the Thought Setter’s verse. Perfect for the winter blahs.

On Jan 30th, Greenhouse will be premiering the video for “Cold out Here” at Carabar. The show is free, all ages and will feature perfomances by Greenhouse, Apocalypse Inc., Johnny Cashola and All Eyes Path.


YouTube Preview Image

Columbus emcee Zerostar’s video featuring cameos by Envelope, DJ Detox, Jeff Fernagel, myself, Steve Hamilton, Zack Smoozyiak, Magnolia Thunderpussy, Used Kids,  Carabar, the Columbus Police, and  Skullys.

Songs off his new ep. Download it below.

MP3:Zerostar:Are We There Yet? EP



Drunk With Ron.org/Carabar Afterhours


we are drunk at 4am at your bar. how do you feel about the current climate of columbus?

its on on a down swing. ever 5 years we plungle. kids get very complient with their lifestyles. their lifestyles is very secure. they don’t do have to do much. in this town you can tell people in this town you are an artist.

what did you do? you didn’t do anything. you just didn;t do anything.

but if you that are an artist. does it matter?

its all smoke and mirrors. you can be the sweetest artist in town with smoke mirrors. local hipster artists.

i am not really prepared. why are drunk in your office debating.

honestly. honestly, bj and adam booked a really good weekend. thats why we are here.

do you feel like you are appreaceted in this city

oh no. if i was appreaceted in this city. i would feel awkward. or weird.
in this city i don’t feel awkard or weird. i just want to go to the after hours. that’s where the party is.

lara yarzac said.” i just farted. and was still held hostage.”

what is your favcorite album?

the latest ponytail album. she sounds like a cocteau. they are all artists from baltimore maryland. i want to book them but i can’t afford them.

funny. i saw them open for yearsayer. i walked out and yelled at the girl. your a really pretty girl.

ask us what we think of health care.

rebecca, who is the creepiest guy with local noteriety?

ron-is it me.

rebecca-sometimes ron says i am a cum dumpster.

ron-i feel like i am the colleen that tells you the truth.

is this ron’s house. it’s ron’s house.

so when does bar actually get shut down?

we will find out on august 29th. the day that happens will be the day plan the rest of our lives.

don’t talk about it. its off the books.

thats the day that mayor colemen should be scared.

i would like to ask an question.
seriously, robert duffy. why did you move away? robert duffy.i will see you in l.a. cdr took over a weekend. they did a good job. in closing this is how fucked up i am. i will say this. adam and bj put together a wonderful weekend to buy into. if you didn’t buy into. if you didn’t buy into you aren’t smart at all. if anyone thinks differently. then they are not paying attention at all.

please play attention to the kids that are doing good. ronnie b. carabar.