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Record Store Day in Columbus 2012

As we’ve noted, and as you’re likely aware, Saturday is Record Store Day. Here’s everything you should need to navigate RSD in Columbus. Feel free to add any additional relevant info in the comments.

Columbus RSD releases:
Lydia Loveless has an official RSD exclusive 7-inch release on Bloodshot featuring “Bad Way to Go” from Indestructible Machine backed with a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Alison” (750 copies nationwide). Moviola is releasing a split 7-inch with North Carolina’s Hiss Golden Messenger (ex-Court and Spark members). It’ll have Moviola’s “Yankee Road” b/w HGM’s “Shiloh Town” (by Tim Hardin); 200 copies available at Used Kids, Lost Weekend and the Wexner Center store. The first release of Lost Weekend Records’ new label of the same name is a 7-inch featuring The Guinea Worms’ Will Foster doing “G-A-u,n,t GAUNT” and indie filmmaker Nasli Hovsepian doing “Reba’s Face” (more background and info on this release, plus some RSD background, in The Other Paper); 150 black, 130 purple and 15 tie-dyed available only at Lost Weekend on Saturday. Athens orchestral-folk act The Ridges is also releasing “The Insomniac’s Song (Live with The Sleepless Singers)” — “a limited run, LP-sized, 12″x12,” hand-screened printed poster that comes with a download code,” available locally at Magnolia Thunderpussy.

And here’s the skinny on all Columbus record stores, including address and any extended Saturday hours, live band/DJ performances, whether or not the store ordered RSD exclusives, store discounts for RSD and any other extras the shops are offering (Update: Added Endangered Species in Delaware):

Ace in the Hole Music Exchange
1153 Kenny Centre, 457-5666
Saturday hours: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. (or later)
RSD exclusives? Yes
Extras: Ticket giveaway for upcoming LC shows – Wilco (8/4) and O.A.R. (7/25)
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Envelope to Release New Ep “This Could Go Either Way” During October 15th Record Store Tour

Columbus rapper Envelope announced today that he will be celebrating the release of his new EP This Could Go Either Way by touring 8 Columbus Record Stores on October 15th. The stores are listed above.
These shows are free and all ages.
I’ve been calling it the “We Are Coming to You” tour.
This Could Go Either Way is produced by Jacoti Sommes and is being released on Envelope’s new label, Palais Du Pomeroi , a joint venture with Columbus Discount Records’s Adam Smith.
The recording process was really unique and will be explored in the future here on donewaiting.

J Rawls “The Hip Hop Affect” Release Event @ Magnolia Thunderpussy Friday May 20th

J Rawls will be at Magnolia Thunderpussy Friday, May 20th from 7-9 to promote his new album, the Hip Hop Affect.
Admission is free.

The album runs the gamut of the Hip Hop experience. Rawls works with national icons on songs like “Face It (ft. Sadat X & Wise Intelligent)” , “Best Producer on the Mic (ft. Diamond D, Oh No & Kev Brown)”, “Just Rhymin’ with Fest (ft. Rhymefest)” and “Find a New (ft. Casual)”.

Rawls collabs with people from his personal history on “That Very First Day (ft. Fat Jon [3582])”, and “Sandsy (ft. J. Sands [Lone Catalysts])”.

And he works with almost everyone from Ohio regardless of generation on the posse cut, “We’re On Top”(the Ohio Takeover)

Talib Kweli in Columbus Friday Night 4-15-2011

YouTube Preview Image

Above is a video of Talib Kweli performing “Palookas” off his album Gutter Rainbows with a live band in San Francisco earlier this month. Talib Kweli will be in Columbus Friday.

He will be signing Gutter Rainbows at a Magnolia Thunderpussy instore from 7-9 before performing with a live band that night at Skully’s. J.Rawls feat Le, Illogic and Illogic Poetic, and the first showcase for the Are You Radio Ready Contest will open.

The Magnolia Thunderpussy instore signing is free.

Ticket info for the Kweli show at Skullys at the Royal Columbus website. And if you want to read about Kweli and I on a panel click here.

Video:Copywrite-“Rob The Club” Live At Magnolia Thunderpussy

YouTube Preview Image

Copywrite brought the finest in negative rap to Magnolia Thunderpussy Records during Gallery Hop.
Above is a video of the Columbus emcee performing “Rob the Club” off his album the Life and Times of Pete Nelson which is instores now.

Saturday in Columbus:Copywrite Instore Performance at Magnolia Thunderpussy 12/4

Columbus emcee Copywrite will be doing a free Gallery Hop performance at Magnolia Thunderpussy Saturday.
This performance is to promote his new album the Life and Times of Peter Nelson, which is in stores now.
The album is critically acclaimed nationally, recieving a XL Rating in XXL Magazine and a 4/5 rating in Urb Magazone.
The album guests Dilated Peoples. Sean Price, MF Grimm, Motion Man, and has production by RJD2 among others.
It is a good look for Columbus.
So come out before the Rock Potluck at Skullys, or just come out in general to check out Copy, and cop his new album

Copywrite & DJ Drastic will be performing at 7 pm, Saturday 12/4.
Magnolia Thunderpussy is located at 1155 N. High Street in the Short North.
Admission is free.

Overlooked in Ohio Vol. 6: Belreve

Editor’s note: “Overlooked in Ohio” is a feature in which we ask an Ohio-based artist/music enthusiast to tell us about a band or bands from the state of Ohio (past or present) that deserve some love. Our sixth installment comes courtesy of Nick Schuld — resurrecter of Datapanik, player in Obviouslies and unearther of various Ohio treasures over at Minimum Tillage Farming. Nick has been here too long and is now insane.

Photos by Jay Brown; copyright 2010 jfotoman

MP3: Assorted tracks from Cowtown EP, 45s, etc. (mediafire archive courtesy Minimum Tillage Farming)
MP3: Walk

A little while before I moved to Columbus in the summer of 1988 I discovered the glorious phenomenon that is the used record shop, so one of the first things I did when I got here was to scan the yellow pages for all the locals. At the time, cds still seemed neat and lotsa previously hard-to-find (for me at least, in small-town Virginia) stuff was showing up on that most durable of physical formats (*ahem*), so I took my giant Bekins box of tapes to Used Kids and wandered upstairs soon after with loot in hand to “little Mag’s” – the relatively short-lived cousin of the still-thriving shop now calling the Short North home – since Used Kids was still strictly analog. (Well, maybe they had a few discs in a magazine rack by the door – but they woulda prolly been a little to the current/good/hip/obscure side of the Misfits and Lemonheads ones I was jazzed about.) Little Mag’s was cool, trafficked mostly in t-shirts, and closed pretty soon after.

Fortunately this fate didn’t befall Used Kids (tho’ I did buy a t-shirt there once), and in the following months I started going down to the shop whenever I could find a ride or felt sufficiently over-enthusiastic enough to ride my skateboard from the suburbs and back. One day I bought a My Bloody Valentine tape and the guy behind the counter mentioned how good the upcoming show at the Ohio Union Ballroom was gonna be. I think I averted my eyes and barely mumble-nodded in agreement on my way out the door – for I was not always the obnoxiously assertive lug you all now recognize – but after the show I grabbed the fellow and yelled over the ringing in my ears how indeed it WAS quite the revelation. He grinned and said the last song was on their best record and had I heard it? I said no and he said he’d tape it for me; thus, my introduction to the illustrious Ron House. Continue reading

Record Store Day in Columbus (includes Ben Folds manning the cash register at Mags)

Columbus is lucky to have more than one awesome independent record store. Go support them often, but especially this Saturday, April 17, for national Record Store Day. Here’s a quick rundown of the goings on at the Big Three (Magnolia Thunderpussy, Used Kids, Lost Weekend), including Ben Folds manning the cash register at Mags from 1-2:30pm. Feel free to post additions, things going on at other stores, etc. in the comments.

Used Kids

(Plus PBR and pizza)

Magnolia Thunderpussy
Open hours: 10am-9pm
Ben Folds works the register 1-2:30pm
1PM – Karate Coyote
2PM – Hurt People Hurt People
3PM – Scattered Needles
3:30PM – The Altered States of the United Snakes
4PM – Christ
4:30PM – The Metagame
6PM – Exwhites
7PM – Deprecator
8PM – Kingpin

Lost Weekend
33% off all USED LPs
45% off all USED 45 rpms 7″ records
78 rpm records for ONLY 78 cents
10% off all NEW LPs and Cds
20% off everything else (except RSD exclusive titles).
Also: “Saturday will still be the super huge discount day and we will not be putting any RSD exclusive titles out early however we will also have a sale on the Friday before and the Sunday after. On those days we will have 20 % Off everything Used and 10% off everything new.”

Weedsteeler Wednesday at Bristol Bar


America’s Number 1 Source for News, Weedsteeler.com is sending two of our finest to an inside-job city in style with a party at Bristol Bar this evening. The music will be provided by the usual cast of total shit-maniacs(sorry only Columbus staffers) ,  Chris Lutzko of the Unholy Two, and Sargent D of Stuff You Will Hate.Com/MetalInquisiton.

The event is hosted by CJ Townsend


YouTube Preview Image

Columbus emcee Zerostar’s video featuring cameos by Envelope, DJ Detox, Jeff Fernagel, myself, Steve Hamilton, Zack Smoozyiak, Magnolia Thunderpussy, Used Kids,  Carabar, the Columbus Police, and  Skullys.

Songs off his new ep. Download it below.

MP3:Zerostar:Are We There Yet? EP